The foldable Beach Wagon!

The Walking Wagon foldable beach wagons are the most qualitative foldable beachwagons out there. Functional design with Dutch origin. Dutch design of which we are very proud! Clever design and durable materials make the Walking Wagon beach wagon manoeuvrable, safe, stable and a real eye-catcher. Top quality for a lifelong hiking fun. Going out together on the road with the Walking Wagon is fun! Wonderful to go out together and do pleasant things. You can take everything with you, no more messing around with children and bags. Happy moments of freedom!

child care centre

The stroller for the Nursery!

An ideal light weight and manageable stroller for nursery schools, childminders and facilities for children with disabilities. The wagons are suitable for almost any group composition with multiple babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Rambler bolderwagenRambler bolderwagenRambler bolderwagenRambler bolderwagenRambler bolderwagen
Service & Contact

Service & Contact

In case you have any questions about a Walking Wagon of it's accessories, please don't hesitate to contact us.